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Ray Hall, Home Energy 101 Founder

30 Years Experience In The Energy Conservation Field
and Pioneer of Whole-House-as-a-System Approach in CA

Southern California Gas Company's "Contractor of the Year" 1985

Ray Hall has devoted his entire professional career to energy conservation in homes. He founded H&L Energy Savers in 1980, offering cost-effective weatherization services to Southern California homeowners. Always active in the energy conservation industry, Mr. Hall was the first to introduce state-of-the art loss measuring technology developed in Canada to Southern California.

Based on his understanding of the cost savings and comfort benefits that homeowners could attain by super weatherization, as well as the benefits to utility companies of a reduction of demand for energy, Mr. Hall became a respected spokesman for consumers at meetings held by the utility companies and various state agencies. His outstanding energy saving results were featured in news coverage in over 20 publications such as the Los Angeles Times, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and the San Bernardino Sun, and Mr. Hall has appeared on several television programs (Channel 2 Action News with David Horowitz; KTLA Channel 5 Evening News; Channel 11 Mid- Morning L.A.; Channel 13 Special Edition).  Mr. Hall was a feature writer for the Herald Examiner Sunday Edition, focusing on energy conservation products and services and the potential benefits to homeowners.

Recognizing his pioneering activities in the area of super weatherization and energy conservation, Mr. Hall has been the recipient of many major awards from Southern California Gas Company, as well as industry trade organizations. In 2000, in recognition of outstanding work wtih the Energy Efficient Mortgage program, he received an award from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, presented by HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo.

Ray Hall with HUD Secretay, Andrew Cuomo

Ray Hall with consumer advocate, David Horowitz
after appearing on Channel 2, Action News

Recently Mr. Hall developed the Performance4 Home Certification concept that recognizes and rewards cost-effective energy efficient improvements made by homeowners. Upon completion, homeowners receive a notarized certification issued by a third party that verifies improvements and the cost of those improvements. This document may result in increased appraised value when purchasing or refinancing the home. In addition, the homeowner receives a brass medallion to display on the home’s exterior. The Performance4 Program received several third-party initiative grants from Southern California Gas Company and the California Public Utilities Commission, totaling over two million dollars.

Home Energy 101 is Mr. Hall’s latest venture. Designed to provide homeowners and homebuyers with unbiased information and an evaluation of various home energy conservation products and services, it also explains the value of whole house weatherization and prioritizing improvements or upgrades in easy-to-understand language.

Mr. Hall is available to present (in person or remotely) to your organization about how to merge government-sponsored programs with utility cash incentives.

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