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Quick Fact

Do you remember the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?"  It is never more relevant than when dealing with thermal performance in your home.

Knowledge is Power

High energy bills have often been compared to the weather: people are constantly complaining, but rarely doing anything about it. Perhaps the lack of relevant energy conservation information is the reason why. One of your first priorities when adopting a “whole house” energy strategy is to become educated on your home’s energy usage. By knowing how components use energy, you can make educated decisions about future cost-effective improvements. This information will also allow you to prioritize your upgrades, providing better return for your energy investments.

As you can see, the largest and most expensive portion out of your energy dollar is spent on heating and cooling your home. To substantiate this claim, take a look at some of your past utility bills. In California, most homes use natural gas furnaces and electric air conditioners.  In the winter heating months, your gas bills can increase by as much as three to four times. In the summer cooling months, a similar increase will occur with your electric bills.  Compared to the major expense of heating and cooling your home, other expenditures such as water heating, lighting, refrigeration, and appliances are less significant.

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