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Let the League of California Homeowners be your "Guardian Angel" when selecting a reputable contractor.

League-Approved Contractors


The League of California Homeowners (LCH) is a non-profit consumer advocate group that performs a strict screening process for contractors providing energy conservation services.  LCH-approved contractors pass an extensive background screening process that includes the following:

  • Must be a licensed contractor in the state of California for at least 2 years.
  • Past customers are interviewed to verify that the company does satisfactory work
  • Material suppliers are interviewed to make sure that the companies pay their bills on time and that they do not have a habit of placing Mechanic Liens against homeowners
  • Must not have any open complaints with the Contractor State License Board
  • Must have a good record with the Better Business Bureau with no open complaints
  • Must provide a copy of the company's Home Improvement Contract, to verify that it meets the standards of the state
  • Public records for every County Court House are checked to confirm that the contractor is not involved in any lawsuits
  • Must have Workers Compensation if he/she has employees
  • Must have General Liability insurance in the amount of at least 1 million

After the company becomes approved, LCH still checks monthly with the CSLB to make sure that the company's license is current and active.  They also check the insurance policies to confirm that they are still valid.


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