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Quick Fact

Whole-house fans are a great investment for homes with or without air conditioning.

Whole-house fans cool the attic and the house simultaneously!

Whole-House Ventilation Fan

Direct-drive whole-house fan

Inexpensive Ways to Cool and Ventilate Your Home

A whole-house fan installed in your attic will simultaneously cool and ventilate your home at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. When outdoor  temperatures cool to 78 degrees or lower, turn off your air conditioner, open a few windows, and turn on your whole-house fan. The fan draws natural cooling breezes in through open windows and doors while pushing extreme attic heat out through attic ventilation.  Increasing attic ventilation by adding wind turbines can substantially improve the effectiveness of your whole-house fan.

When a whole-house fan is operating, a home can quickly and inexpensively cool to the outside temperature.  As the outside temperature continues to drop, so will the inside temperature.  Whole house fans are a great investment for homes with and without air conditioning.

Ceiling Fans

Easy to operate and functional, a ceiling fan is one of the most decorative and inexpensive ways to keep cool in the summer.  By setting your fan at a high speed in hot weather, you can lower the room temperature and reduce your air conditioning needs.


Consumer Alert

For best results with your whole-house fan, open a few windows in different locations throughout the house 8" to 10" wide during use. 

Southern California Edison currently has a rebate available for whole-house fans.  Click here for information about the rebate.


Belt-driven fan


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